Friday, 14 September 2012

Review: Enchanted by Judith Leger

She knows how to unravel secrets, but getting to the bottom of this one might just kill her. Magic is for fools, television news reporter Caitlyn believes. And she's no fool. She's determined to prove master illusionist Shay a fake. Somehow though, with Shay the lines between magic and reality blur. Perhaps it's his charisma, or being in Ireland with him, but now she's dreaming of a magical place. One that seems oddly familiar... Shay hides a terrible secret. He's to blame for Caitlyn's separation from her family and the world she doesn't remember. She must go home to the Sidhe, and to recover his honor, he must be the one to bring her. He'll willingly lose everything he is to help her break the curse binding her. But time is of the essence--the old evil has surfaced. He must make Caitlyn believe in magic, and his love, before she becomes its prey.


Why did I initially picked up this book? 
The answer would be - pretty cover and interesting blurb. (Yeah..yeah..I have finally learnt the lesson...Do NOT judge a book by its cover or blurb..!)

What I felt about the book after having read it?

Its a very predictable and superficial book.
There were several instances when I felt that there was a lack of adequate information, like:

There is no information about how she really did end up with the alcoholics whom she considers her real/biological  parents. Gwyneth abducted her and poof ! She's in human world with alcoholic parents..??
There is no real mention of Caitlyn's childhood ...random information about Caitlyn's childhood are found here and there scattered all over in the book..making it very confusing.

How did her friendship with Marcy come about?

What was all that about making her believe and not getting her anxious..?? No reason stated. Its often mentioned that she won't survive otherwise..but why won't she? . Actually, it was kind of irritating, ridiculous and hilarious, all at the same time that everyone kept on making her go to sleep the moment she got anxious, even in the least !

The plot seemed to be entirely too predictable at times. Marcy role was predictable. The solution to the riddle was entirely too predictable !

The writing was pretty emotional descriptions...nothing!  

When Rhys(Caitlyn's father) meets Caitlyn for the first time after her abduction, he displayed no emotion in that regard whatsoever towards watching her heaviness in voice...etc...actually, there is no emotion mentioned at all..!!


How do mothers react when they hear that their long lost daughters have been found..??
They don't even try and visit...even by making an excuse??

So, my friends, here goes my another failed attempt at grabbing a decent book..!

My Rating:


  1. To bad you didn't like it! Love hearing your opinion though! :)

    1. Hey Stormi..!!
      I am glad you stopped by..!
      You already know all about me and my opinions..!! :P

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