Thursday, 30 August 2012

Review: The Guardian of Bastet by Jacqueline M. Battisti

Cat-shifter Trinity Morrigan-Caine has discovered a demon is killing supernaturals. Magically challenged, she has every intention of letting handsome Alpha werewolf Gordon Barnes handle it. But after a dying vampire gifts Trinity a mystical amulet, she is drawn into the fray as the legendary Guardian of Bastet, a warrior born when the need arises.

Though Trinity initially rejects the role, she warms to the idea when Gordon agrees to train her—and their passion for each other grows as he teaches her to embrace her animal instincts.

As she begins to accept her destiny and believe in her growing powers, Trinity realises the danger is even closer to home than she ever imagined—and she and Gordon are going to have to face the demon in a fight to the death...


Trinity is a sassy, kick ass character.She is a shifter.Her mother is a powerful witch and her father is an alpha were puma. However trinity has neither a flair for witchcraft nor does she transform into any impressive animal.She is a simple cat shifter.
Here is a brief of the rest of the story:
She doesn't believe in her worth nor does her mother.However, an old vampire believes her to be a reincarnation of a warrior goddess and presents her a powerful  Amulet .He believes that only Trinity can,with the help of the Amulet , send the demon back.The story progresses further as Trinity realises her self worth and eventually faces the demon.

The story was a little slow in the start but picked up pace later on. The relationship between the characters wasn't well developed..I personally think they needed more time together to develop that degree of closeness There should have been a little more of Trinity and Gordon since they kept on saying:  "We will talk about this after all this is over!"
But what happens after all is over? Pah! nothing..! Well duh..!Also there  seemed a certain friend she had been interested in and  though about how well he knew her etc etc..But later he is just sent to a trip and this new bossy person who doesn't even know her well enough gives her his loyalty on the basis of the powerful Amulet she is granted....AND... of course they fall in love!(I am being sarcastic..!).not because he began to understand her but because he thinks she is worth respect now that she carries the Amulet..!!

Trinity is sassy, feisty and has got spunk but when it comes to men, she has the morals of,well ,an alley cat! I am not sure I liked the part when she ends up having sex with THE DEMON..!

Lily dear allowed to get away even after being intentionally ignorant and therefore partially responsible for the death of so many people..all because she is family??..Oh..! They must have taken certain action..but..of course..we as the readers are expected to imagine it because the author didn't care to mention it.

So, the ending was definitely flawed as were a few parts in-between.

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  1. The summary made the book sound really interesting, until I started reading your review and realized it wasn't. Sounds like the author could have made it better than it was.

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