Saturday, 18 August 2012

Review: Entangled by Cat Clarke

What does he want from me?
How could I have let this happen?
Am I going to die?

17-year-old Grace wakes up in a white room, with table, pens and paper—and no clue how she got there.

As Grace pours her tangled life onto the page, she is forced to remember everything she’s tried to forget. There’s falling hopelessly in love with the gorgeous Nat, and the unravelling of her relationship with her best friend Sal. But there’s something missing. As hard as she’s trying to remember, is there something she just can’t see?

Then, in a story full of dangerous revelations, Grace must face the most important question of all: why is she here?


Entangled by Cat Clarke is a nice read. It may be a little confusing read for some but on the whole its good.
It deals with so many issues; cutting, pregnancy, relationships, suicide. It provides an inner view of the thought process of the young and how they view cutting as an escape.
What really made me give this book the extra 1.5 in the rating was the ending. My best part of the book was the last part-
- about how Grace attempts suicide and ends up in coma at the hospital. 
- the hospital visits from Devon, Sal, Nat and her mother.
- the uncertainty of Grace's coming out of coma and yet the definite end of her inner turmoil with new hope for tomorrow and the never give up attitude

The book ends at an uncertain and yet a positive note..!


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